Today’s El Paso Area Meetings

7:00 PM   Sunday   The 11th STEP, Sit Down and Shut Up
3501 Hueco Ave.   El Paso, TX 79903
7:00 PM   Sunday   Keeping It Simple
7000 Edgemere Blvd.   El Paso, TX 79925
C,D,To,WC   Park behind church, enter backdoor 
12:00 PM   Monday   Newcomers
7000 Edgemere Blvd.   El Paso, TX 79925
O   Park behind church, enter backdoor 
7:00 PM   Monday   We Do Recover
1420 Alabama St   El Paso, TX 
O,To,WC,NS   Park behind church, enter backdoor 
7:00 PM   Monday   Power of Love
1580 Joe Battle Blvd.   El Paso, TX 79936
C,WC,NS   In Auditorium