Convention Update

4/17/2020 Update: Thank you for your participation in the poll regarding cancelling or postponing the May 2020 Rio Grande Regional Convention.

The poll results will be presented at the May 16th Rio Grande Regional Service Committee meeting and the RCMs will be asked to vote on:

  1. Postponing the 2020 convention to later this year, likely September; OR
  2. Cancelling the 2020 convention

If the convention is cancelled, refunds will be issued automatically. 

If the convention is postponed, existing registrations will be transferred to the rescheduled convention, unless a refund is requested.

For now, those who already purchased registrations can:

  1. Wait until the RGRSC votes to make a decision
  2. Donate all or part of the registration cost now
  3. Request a full refund now

Refunds will include all monies paid for registration, events, meals, donations, and pre-registration merchandise unless we receive instructions from the registrant to retain all or some as a donation to the convention.

To donate your registration or receive a full or partial refund, please email Include the full name used for registration and what action we should take (examples: ‘please refund all but a $20 donation’ or ‘provide a full refund’ or ‘use the entire registration cost as a donation’)

If the convention is postponed and COVID-19 forces it to be cancelled, registrants will have the option to donate or receive a refund for their registration.